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CheqMate Online

CheqMate is Sri Lanka's leading professional cheque writing and cheque book management software with hundreds of satisfied customers

Free Online Cheque Writing Software

Use the full functional software for 30 days absolutely free

CheqMate Online is the same version of CheqMate pro desktop software you used for many years. This online app gives you more benefits over a normal desktop software.

What is CheqMate Online?

The best cheque writing software in Sri Lanka comes with all the features you need to manage your cheque transactions.  Using this online app, you can print any Sri Lankan cheque using your normal printer instead of writing them by hand. CheqMate is a 100% Sri Lankan product and it perfectly works with all Sri Lankan cheques.

- You can write cheques faster than writing by hand
- You can reduce errors in writing cheques, no waste of cheque leafs
- Appearance of your cheques are clean and professional
- It is very easy to use, anyone can learn it in under five minutes
- It is a very small investment that gives you big benefits

CheqMate Sri Lanka
Normal Hand Written Cheque

Hand Written Cheque

Hand written cheques are unclear, do more mistakes when writing,  it takes more time and highly depend on personal skills.

Printed Cheque

Printed Cheque with CheqMate

Printed cheques are neat and clear, no mistakes when writing, faster and easier to write more cheques and anyone can use it.

Features of CheqMate

Free online cheque writing software with voucher printing, account reconciliation, import data from excel  and more...

Support any OS

You can use this software with Windows, Apple and Linux operating systems by installing Google Chrome web browser.

Access from anywhere

You can access and use this software from home, office or anywhere in the world using your phone or computer.

Support all banks in Sri Lanka

You can use your normal cheque book with this software. CheqMate supports all cheques issued by any bank in Sri Lanka.

Secure SSL

Password protected and secured with SSL encription. Your data is 100% safe and only you can access and view your data.

Multiple Accounts

You can manage unlimited bank accounts in different banks. Deposits, Payments, Account reconciliation and more.

Full Reports

You can get complete account level reports based on payee, date range according to cheque and written date, etc.

Print Seal and Logo

Using the simple interactive seal designer, you can print cheques with rubber stamp printed and logo printed alongside.

Support all Printers

You don't need to use a special printer to print cheques. Your normal printer is supported to print cheques with CheqMate.

Auto Convert

When you enter the amount as a number, CheqMate automatically convert it in to "Amount in Words". No need to type it.

Payees Auto Save

When you enter a payee name system saves it. Next time when you type few letters, list of matching names appear.

Single and Batch Printing

You can print cheques one by one or print all saved list of cheques at once (batch printing) saving a lot of time.

Import from Excel

You can import data from excel or any other account software to CheqMate. It supports standard CSV file import.


Standard and Business plans are online (cloud) packages that you can instantly activate and use for 30 days without any payment. After the initial free trial period, payment instructions will be emailed to you with an invoice.


Rs. 270 per month
  • Write unlimited cheques per month

  • All features included

  • Use from any where, any time, any device

  • Free 30 days trial

  • Need to renew at the end of due date every month. If not renewed, account will be deleted in 30 days


Rs. 2,500 per year
  • Write unlimited cheques per month
  • All features included without any restriction
  • Use from any where, any time, any device

  • Free 30 days trial

  • Automated cloud data backups


Rs. 12,500 per PC
  • This is the desktop version of same software to install in your computer

  • No cloud service. CD provide with user guide

  • All features included

  • Allowed to use in one computer only

  • Support for Windows only

You can start using this software almost immediately after registering for a FREE account.

Download User Guide

Video Tutorials

Learn how to use CheqMate software with these video tutorials (Sinhala).