Tutorials (User Guide)

Tutorials for CheqMate Pro Ver 5.1 – The best cheque writing and cheque book management software in Sri Lanka.

How to create a new company profile?
How to edit company profile?
How to create a new Bank?
How to edit bank name?
How to create a bank accounts?
Account options
Add deposits to an account
Edit account details
How to print rubber seal?
How to adjust print margins?
Account report
Deposit report
Report Options
How to download a report to excel?
How to write a new cheque?
How to delete a cheque?
How to update cheque status?
How to re-print a cheque?
How to create a payment voucher?
How to edit a payment voucher?
How to import data from excel to CheqMate?
How to get backups?
How to Re-Install?
Template Settings (Margins)

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