Features of CheqMate Pro V5

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CheqMate Pro V5 – The best cheque writing software in Sri Lanka comes with all the features you need to manage your cheque transactions.

CheqMate is a 100% Sri Lankan product developed by Prezire Software Solutions. Therefore it perfectly works with all Sri Lankan bank cheques.

When you purchase the CheqMate Pro V5 software, you get all following facilities and benefits.

  • Password protected access to the system. Username and password is required to login to the system. Administrators can create and delete users.
  • Access restriction to reports and certain functions. Not all users can do everything. If you want to restrict access to certain reports and functions for selected users, you can assign privileges to them. Only admin users have full access to the software. You can create both admin users and other users yourself.
  • Multiple company accounts – This software can handle multiple company accounts (maximum 3 companies by default, limit can increase. See how?).
  • Support all banks in Sri Lanka. CheqMate always support all banks in Sri Lanka (including foreign banks in Sri Lanka).
  • Manage multiple accounts. You can add many banks accounts under same bank. There are no restrictions for bank accounts per bank.
  • Manage cheque books (cheque number wise). When you start a cheque book from one number, the system automatically track next cheque numbers.
  • Manage payees (suppliers). You can add your list of suppliers / payees to the system. When you start typing few letters, the system will automatically give you options to select a supplier. Therefore you don’t need to type the same supplier name again and again.
  • Amount auto convert to words. You only need to enter the amount in figures (numbers). CheqMate will automatically (correctly according to standards) convert the amount into words.
  • Keep a remark of cheques. When you writing a cheque, you can enter remarks (optional) for later references.
  • You can issue cheques with or without A/C Payee Only seal. This account payee seal can ah your own (accepted and valid terms by the banks) additional text lines, such as “Not Negotiable”, etc. Admin can set these options by default or user can select options at the time writing cheques.
  • Batch printing. You can add details of cheques and print all saved cheques at once or you can print only selected cheques.
  • Print cheques with or without counter foil. If you want to print details on the counter foil as well or you can print only the cheque leaf.
  • Support both normal cheque books and cheque rolls (continuous papers).
  • Support almost all printers. Few all in one printers and photocopiers are not supported. That is not a fault of the software, but these printers can’t print small paper sizes. Dot Matrix printers are only supported to print cheque paper rolls in continuous papers. All deskjet / Inkjet and laser printers are supported.
  • Report of cheques. You can view various reports of printed cheques.
  • Auto Backup. System takes daily backups automatically. Therefore if you format computer, you can easily restore previous data from the backup.
  • Support all networks. If your computers are networked, you can share the software with other computers without installing the software individually. If you are working on a domain network, you can install the software on the server and shared with other computers.
  • Software is designed to work in Windows PCs, but you can install this software on Linux or Apple computers as well.
  • Daily reminder of cheques to be paid.
  • You can select from different fonts and sizes.
  • Precision cheque writing. Cheque details are printed on the right place. CheqMate is the most accurate cheque writing software in Sri Lanka.

These are only few features. There are lots of other advance features that you can use to customize CheqMate software according to your needs.

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