Cheque Writing / Printing in Sri Lanka

CheqMate Pro is the best cheque writing / printing software in Sri Lanka with more than 200 corporate customers island wide. In CheqMate cheque writing software, you can do more than just writing a cheque. It is a complete cheque book management software fully designed and developed in Sri Lanka to match with all requirements and standards in the banking sector.

Unlike free cheque writing / printing software available in the internet, our software comes with full customer support. Our customer support available by Phone, Email and Remote Desktop medias.

Now we accept VISA / MASTER credit cards through PAYHERE payment gateway service. You can purchase the software online and make payments securely using your credit card.

Island wide free delivery, Cash on delivery within Colombo city available.

Please call our sales hot line 077 456 3346 for more details and to order your CheqMate cheque writer now!

How to backups and re-install?

How to backups and re-install

How to get backups?

Every time you logout (Power icon on the menu) from the system, automatic backup creates. You need to take a copy of the installation folder to a pen drive regularly.

How to Re-Install CheqMate?

If you have a backup, you can re-install the system within 10 minutes without losing old data. Please contact us to re-install the software through UltraViewer during office hours (9am – 5pm) from Monday – Friday except poya days and mercantile holidays.

How to create a payment voucher?

How to create a payment voucher

You can create payment vouchers for each cheque. Every company profile has a separate voucher number. To set the starting number, go to company profile under settings menu and update the starting payment voucher number. You can not manually enter voucher number for each payment voucher. It is automatically assigned by the system.

  • Click on “Report” menu
  • Select options to view the cheque in the report
  • Click on “Next”
  • From cheque report, click on the “Voucher” icon (icon next to print)in the cheque record.


Enter voucher details in the “Payment Details” box and the amount in the next below box and click on “Add” button. You can add multiple records to payment voucher like this. Total amount of individual details should equal to the cheque amount to create payment voucher.

sri lanka cheque writer

After entering all details, click on “Create Voucher” to save details. After saving details, shows the print preview. Here you need to:

  • Click on “More Settings…” link in the left side panel
  • Select “A4” from “Paper Size” list.
  • Click “Print” to print payment voucher.

When next time you print a cheque, you need to change these settings as described in printing cheque topic .

How to update cheque status?

How to cheque status

When you write a cheque, its initial status is “Pending” means not paid (realized) yet. After making the payment from the bank, cheque status becomes “Paid”. If you cancelled a cheque, its status should be “Cancelled”. If your cheque returned, status should be “Returned”.

To update the status of a cheque:

  • Click on the “Report” menu
  • Select options from given filters, that will show your cheque in the report
  • Click on the “Next” button to view the report
  • From there, select the cehques you want to change status. For an example, if you want to update status in to “Paid” select cheques by clicking on the empty box at the beginning of the cheque record. Select the status you want to change to (e.g. “Paid”) from the drop down list at the bottom of the page.
  • Click on “Update” button to change status of selected cheques.

how to update cheque status

How to delete a cheque?

How to delete a cheque

If you entered wrong information and want to delete a cheque before printing, you can click on the “Delete” icon in the “Print” menu. After printing, you can’t delete cheque details. After print you can only “Cancel” a cheque. If you are the admin, you can delete printed cheques as well.

delete cheques

How to write a new cheque?

How to write a new cheque
  • Click on the “New” menu
  • If you have more than one company, select the company from the list.
  • Select the account from the next list, that you want to write new cheque
  • Click “Next” button
  • If you want to print “A/C Payee Only” seal, select “Yes” from the first option list. Select “No” to write cheque without crossing.
  • Enter the correct cheque number. It should be more than 4 digits.
  • Select cheque date from the calendar. Calendar appears when you click on the “Cheque Date” box.
  • Enter the Payee name.
  • Enter the amount. You should enter the amount without any commas or any other character. Only numbers and cents are valid.
  • Enter a remark for later references such as invoice number, reason for payment, etc.
  • Click on “Save” button.

how to write a new cheque

If you have more than one cheque to be written, you can enter details of all cheques and print later at once or one by one. If you enter all details and save, a green color message will display after saving.

To print a cheque you entered, click on “Print” menu. All saved and not printed cheques will list here. Click on the “Print Icon” to print a selected cheque from the list. To print all cheques according to appearing order, click on “Print All” button.

Select the printer from left side panel. Click on “Change” button to select your printer.
After click on “Print” or “Print All”, a preview of the cheque shows. From there, click on the “More Settings…” link at the left side panel. Select “Paper Size = A4”, “Margins = None” and “Scale = 100”. These are the settings for printing a cheque. Once you make this setting, it will be saved until you change it. Therefore no need to set these settings for each cheque.

After checking above settings, click on “Print” button to print your cheque. Please make sure you adjust the tray to fit the cheque and insert the cheque in correct direction.