Professional Cheque Writing Software in Sri Lanka

It’s all about your business image. Professional business needs a professional image!

What is a Cheque Writing Software?

We all know from the beginning of time cehques are written by hand. Majority of the people still writes cheques by hand. Before invent the type writer – that was the only option we had. After inventing of the type writer – most business documents started to typeset instead of hand written. Because it is more clear and it represents the business image. Some business people who cares the business image seriously did type written their cheques as well. But the type writer is long gone now. Computers and Printers dominate business document processing now and way common tools than technology.

No one (at least no business) is not hand writing documents and letters now. They all are printed. Because hand written business letter??? is an unimaginable and no one likes it. Your cheque is also a business document – it is the main business document you give to your suppliers. So, why you still write it by hand?

If you have a computer and a printer, there is no reason you should write your cheques by hand. All you need is a cheque writing software and CheqMate is the best software available in Sri Lankan market.

What is CheqMate?

CheqMate is a cheque writing and management software, trusted by hundreds of professionals in Sri Lanka including government institutes, departments, authorities, multinational companies, small and medium scale entrepreneurs, and professional individuals, etc.

CheMate first launched in Sri Lankan market in 2010 as a basic cheque writing software. Soon it became the most popular cheque printing software because of it’s simplicity, user friendliness, full of features and low price.

Over it’s journey since 2010 – CheqMate gains many new features according to customers requirements and user feedback. The evolution of CheqMate now released it’s latest version “Pro V5” which is a more advance software than it’s previous successors. CheqMate Pro V5 is more than a cheque writing software – it is a complete cheque management tool. The “Pro V5” version is self manageable. It is more advance with many features, therefore it requires an special training.

Migrating from simple software to more advance software

Why CheqMate go more advance? When it comes to cheque writing, there are so many complications and environments to adopt. There are hundreds of printer models, different customers have different requirements, different organizations has different cultures and practices, some computers are individuals and some are networked, and so on. Because of this reason, CheqMate needed to be customized for each customer and that was highly technical work.Re-installation of the software required the same level of technical involvement. All previous versions of CheqMate works perfectly (CheqMate always print nicely on the right place) – but managing the application was a troublesome work to both the customers and for the company.

Therefore a need for a self manageable and advanced single software that suit for any printer, any organization, any computer network becomes more prominent – and need for this kind of software mainly requested by our customers.

CheqMate Pro V5 is a result of research and development of seven years of customer feedback and experience. It is the best cheque writing/ printing and management software in Sri Lanka (According to our market research and comparisons).


CheqMate Pro V5 is a software that every business must have!

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