How to write a new cheque?

How to write a new cheque
  • Click on the “New” menu
  • If you have more than one company, select the company from the list.
  • Select the account from the next list, that you want to write new cheque
  • Click “Next” button
  • If you want to print “A/C Payee Only” seal, select “Yes” from the first option list. Select “No” to write cheque without crossing.
  • Enter the correct cheque number. It should be more than 4 digits.
  • Select cheque date from the calendar. Calendar appears when you click on the “Cheque Date” box.
  • Enter the Payee name.
  • Enter the amount. You should enter the amount without any commas or any other character. Only numbers and cents are valid.
  • Enter a remark for later references such as invoice number, reason for payment, etc.
  • Click on “Save” button.

how to write a new cheque

If you have more than one cheque to be written, you can enter details of all cheques and print later at once or one by one. If you enter all details and save, a green color message will display after saving.

To print a cheque you entered, click on “Print” menu. All saved and not printed cheques will list here. Click on the “Print Icon” to print a selected cheque from the list. To print all cheques according to appearing order, click on “Print All” button.

Select the printer from left side panel. Click on “Change” button to select your printer.
After click on “Print” or “Print All”, a preview of the cheque shows. From there, click on the “More Settings…” link at the left side panel. Select “Paper Size = A4”, “Margins = None” and “Scale = 100”. These are the settings for printing a cheque. Once you make this setting, it will be saved until you change it. Therefore no need to set these settings for each cheque.

After checking above settings, click on “Print” button to print your cheque. Please make sure you adjust the tray to fit the cheque and insert the cheque in correct direction.

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