How to create a payment voucher?

How to create a payment voucher

You can create payment vouchers for each cheque. Every company profile has a separate voucher number. To set the starting number, go to company profile under settings menu and update the starting payment voucher number. You can not manually enter voucher number for each payment voucher. It is automatically assigned by the system.

  • Click on “Report” menu
  • Select options to view the cheque in the report
  • Click on “Next”
  • From cheque report, click on the “Voucher” icon (icon next to print)in the cheque record.


Enter voucher details in the “Payment Details” box and the amount in the next below box and click on “Add” button. You can add multiple records to payment voucher like this. Total amount of individual details should equal to the cheque amount to create payment voucher.

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After entering all details, click on “Create Voucher” to save details. After saving details, shows the print preview. Here you need to:

  • Click on “More Settings…” link in the left side panel
  • Select “A4” from “Paper Size” list.
  • Click “Print” to print payment voucher.

When next time you print a cheque, you need to change these settings as described in printing cheque topic .

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