How to adjust print margins?

How to adjust print margins

If the cheque is not print accurately in intended places, you need to fine tune template margins. Here you can adjust print location of each element.

Each account has it’s own printing template. Most of the time when you setup a template for one bank account, you can apply the same settings for other accounts in the same bank. But some times, even in the same bank, different cheque books have different layouts. In this case, you need to adjust each account even in the same bank to match with cheque book layout.

  • Go to “Accounts”
  • Click on “Manage Accounts”
  • Click on the “Template” icon to access the account print template.

This is a very simple template. Every element of the cheque book has it’s own top and left margin. When you increase or decrease a value, that element moves. See the following example:

Example: To adjust the date;

  • To move the date up, decrease the top margin. Do it very little at a time (few decimals at a time).
  • To move the date down, increase the top margin
  • To move the date right, increase the left margin
  • To move the date left, decrease the left margin

This is apply for all elements. You only have to change few decimals to get the element move to the desired position.

When you done with one account template, you can easily apply the same settings for other accounts in the same bank. To apply another account’s settings, click on the drop down menu at the bottom of the template page under “Copy from Existing Template”. Select the account you want to import settings, click on the “Import” button. Current account template will be updated with the imported settings. Click on “Save” to save changes to the current template.

normal printer template

template for laser printers

Please be noted that these templates are for the version 5.1 and up only. Older versions use different template settings.

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