How to create bank accounts?

how to create a bank account

After you create your banks, you can create accounts under each bank. You can have maximum of 100 accounts in total of all banks. To create a bank account;

  • Click on “Accounts” menu
  • Click on “Manage Accounts” in front of the bank you want to create an account
  • Click on “+Add New Account” button
  • Enter following details:
    • Account No – Enter the full account number
    • Account Name – Branch name or other name to identify the account purpose
    • Company – if you have more than one company profile, select the company this account belongs to;
    • Print with counter foil – Default option is “no”. If you want to print the cheque with the counter foil attached, select “yes” for this option.
    • Print company seal – default is “yes”. If you select this option, all cheques print from this account will print with company rubber stamp (director seal). You need to create this seal in another option under manage accounts. If you don’t want rubber stamp to be printed in all cheques, select “no” for this option.
    • Print A/C Payee Only? – default is “Optional”, means you can select whether you want to print “A/C Payee Only” or not at the time you write cheques. If you select “Mandatory” for this option, all cheques write from this account will have “A/C Payee Only” seal and you can’t write cheques without this.
    • A/C Payee Only (Additional Text) – If you want to include other terms such as “Valid for 60 days only, Not Negotiable”, etc., you can type those optional conditions here. One condition per line. These conditions will be printed below the “A/C Payee Only” condition.
    • A/C Payee Only Seal Color – If you are using a color printer, you can select “Red” or for other printers, this should be “Black”.
    • Full Date – if you want to print the full date in the cheque (including 20 in the year). Default option is “No” because most cheques comes with “20” printed in the date boxes. If your cheque book don’t have “20” printed in the date boxes, select “Yes” for this option.
    • Print Logo? – Default option is “No” means, your logo will not print on the cheque. If you want your company logo to print on all cheques of this account, select “Yes”. You should save logo in “Company Profile” for this option to work.
  • After entering all above details, click on the “Save” button.

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