How to create and edit company profile?

how to create a new company profile

How to create a new company profile?

Company profiles use to identify different companies or departments. If you have more than one company or different accounts are managed in different departments, you need this option. At least one company profile is need to operate accounts. A company profile includes following details:

  • Company Name – Enter the name of the company (this name will be used in payment vouchers)
  • Address – postal address, telephone and other details. These details will be used in the payment voucher.
  • Font size – Font size of all cheques write under this company. Default is 14. Recommended range is 12 –
  • Font type – Default font type is “Arial”. You can only use given font types. You cannot add other font types to this software. Only accepted and clear font types are included in the software.
  • Allow back dated cheques? – If you select “yes” for this option, you can write back dated cheques from this company. If you select “no”, you can only write on dated and postdated cheques from this company.
  • Logo – If you want to print your logo in cheques and payment vouchers, you need to add a logo. If you don’t want any logo in either documents, you can leave this option.
  • Payment voucher number – Enter the starting number of payment vouchers from this company.

To create a new company;

  • Click on “Settings” menu
  • Click on “+New Company Profile” button
  • Enter all details required
  • Click on “Save” button

How to edit a company profile?

  • Click on “Settings” menu
  • Click on “Edit” in front of the company you want to edit (Under company profiles)
  • Edit details as necessary
  • Click on “Save” button

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