Technical Inside in to CheqMate

how cheqmate software is developed.

How we develop the most innovative cheque writing and cheque book management software?

CheqMate Pro is developed using the latest web technology. That means it is not an ordinary desktop application (program), but it is a hybrid of desktop and web app. There are many benefits of this kind of software programs. One key advantage is that you can install and use it like an ordinary desktop application (like Word, Excel) without an internet connection or you can install it on a cloud server* (online) and use it like a web application (like gmail) from any device from anywhere in the world.

CheqMate Pro – cheque printing software is developed using PHP language and it’s back-end is a mysql database. Interface is designed using the bootstrap framework.

When installing and running it as a desktop application, you need to install a separate web server software. We provide and recommends to use wamp server software which is very simple to install and it is integrated into the setup file of CheqMate software. So you can install the CheqMate software like you install any other software.

When you installing CheqMate software (wamp server setup), we recommend to install it to a different drive than C drive or the drive that the OS is installed.

Installing CheqMate software is straight forward and simple. It takes less than few minutes, even you are not very familiar with software installastion.

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