Features of CheqMate Pro V5

cheqmate pro v5

CheqMate Pro V5 is the latest release of CheqMate software – the best selling cheque writing software in Sri Lanka. This software is full of features and it is not only a cheque writer but also a cheque book management software.

Followings are the top features of CheqMate Pro V5:

  • Password protected with user level restrictions (user privileges)
  • Support up to four company profiles
  • Support different logo printing, different fonts and rules for each company profiles
  • Supports all banks in Sri Lanka (Foreign and Local)
  • Manage multiple bank accounts
  • Manage bank deposits and payments
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly account level reports
  • Interactive seal designer. Assign different company seals for each account
  • Account level template settings
  • Account level restrictions
  • Print customized “A/C Payee Only” seal with additional options
  • “Cut Bearer” option
  • Auto conversion of amount to “amount in words”
  • Support normal cheque books and Cheque rolls (Continuous papers)
  • Support all printers (Laser / Ink / Dot Matrix) *
  • Full detailed reporting function – you can get any sort of report in just few clicks
  • Auto savings of payee names
  • Single and batch printing
  • Notification for cheques to be paid and cheques to be deposited
  • Create payment vouchers
  • Database backend
  • Easy auto backup system
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Suitable for any organization who want to write professional looking clear cheques

CheqMate Pro V5 is a must have software for every professional business in Sri Lanka!

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