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CheqMate Pro V5 Options

CheMate Pro V5 is very easy to customized according to your requirements. CheqMate’s options can change according to company level, bank level and account level. You can change settings in company level, such as print company logo in all company cheques affecting to all it’s accounts and banks. You can decide what kind of privileges to provide to users, etc. In account level, you can create unique company seal for each account, design different A/C Payee seals, etc.

There are many customize options available in the software that you can manage yourself without our assistance. This reduce the time when you want to make a change according to your time to time requirements.

What are the available customized options?

Almost every setting in the software is under your own control. If you want to adjust printing margins, you can easily do under account template settings. You can create your own “A/C Payee Only” seal with your own texts under it.

You can decide to print the company logo on all cheques or selected accounts only. You can add you logo in JPG or PNG format and change any time from settings.

You can design your company seal using the Seal Designer. It is very easy and you can select whether you want to print the seal by default or have option to decide the time printing a cheque.

If you want you can enable the option to cut “or Bearer” statement of the cheque.

There are lots of other options available to you to manage the software the way you want.

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