Why you should use CheqMate for cheque writing?

Features of a Cheque Writing Software

For some organizations cheque writing may not such an important task, so they can just write a cheque in traditional way – by hand…! But for medium and large scale organizations that requires to write many cheques or they want to express their professional image through every document they present to other parties – cheque writing software is a must for them.

In other case – there could be mistakes happen when writing a cheque by hand and once that happened you can not reverse it – either you have to cancel the cheque and write a new cheque or you will need to alter the cheque and resigned and present a very ugly looking messy cheque to your supplier.

Using a cheque writing software have lots of advantages.

  • Save time
  • Reduce errors (you can almost eliminate errors)
  • Present clean and neat cheque
  • Banks like to have a clear cheque
  • Present your professional image
  • More security for your cheques because they can not be altered
  • More options to brand your cheque such as printing company logo, etc.

There are other cheque writing software in the market and why you should really go for CheqMate Pro V5?

CheqMate is Sri Lanka’s best selling cheque writing software since 2009 and used by many leading multinational organizations. That’s not all, there are other reasons to go for CheqMate Pro V5.

  • CheqMate is the only software that print details exactly on the right place. For an example CheqMate prints the date right inside those little boxes, whereas many others print somewhere else. Because CheqMate has separate settings for each bank. Even all banks cheques look same, they have small differences in margins.
  • CheqMate is low cost – comparing with features in the software, it is the best choice among other cheque writing software in the market.
  • Easy to learn and use – CheqMate is developed keeping the end user in front. Software interface is simple and straight. You just can learn it by looking at it.
  • Fully developed in Sri Lanka by a Sri Lankan company – CheqMate is developed by Prezire Software Solutions. We promote “Be Sri Lanka, Buy Sri Lanka” concept.
  • CheqMate has more features – CheqMate Pro V5 software has more features than any other cheque writing software in the market. It is not only a cheque writing software, but also a cheque book and payment management software.

If you want to write a cheque quickly without making mistakes, look no further – CheqMate Pro V5 is the best choice and your best business companion.

If you have a PC and a Printer, there is not reason why you should not use a cheque writing software. It is like you have all resources, but you don’t use them!

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